International Conference on Wireless Technologies and Networks-2022: 01-02 March, 2022

 Association with ITMO University, St.Petersburg's Russia (120 years old Government University), and AAIR Lab, India
International Conference on Wireless Technologies and Networks-2022 "(ICWTN-2022)is an International platform/ forum for researchers to exchange information regarding novel aspects of technology, application and service development within the multidisciplinary framework of Communication Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks and Mutimedia Networks  and many more.
The aims and objective of the ICWTN-2022 Conference are to:
  • The ICWTN-2022 aims to facilitate a creative environment for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer.
  • Develop practical solutions for creating widespread benefits & value for society thereby, enhancing the reputation of electronics, wireless, computer science, communication, and information technology research as a source of wellbeing& prosperity.
  • Solicit applications from researchers/scholars to submit their research papers related to the latest technology used extensively in future research.
  • Propose techniques/methods that could explore a unique disciplinary approach to Communication Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks and Mutimedia Networks  and many more engineering-related challenges that are high risk but have a considerable payoff and also develop data leading to significant future technology.


ITMO University, St. Petersburg's Russia

ITMO University is St. Petersburg's Russia best university and one of the top universities in the world. With over 120 years of experience propelling it forward, ITMO is a trailblazer in all things IT, quantum science, and photonics. But we don’t stop there; we fuse our expertise in technical sciences with social sciences to explore interdisciplinary fields, such as science art and digital humanities.

Our university is home to a community of passionate individuals determined to make an impact in the world. ITMO FAMILY welcomes bright, open, and inventive people from all over the world. As a global talent hub for educators and researchers, we work tirelessly to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the future – and to bring up the next generation of creative thinkers.